After School Enrichment Programs | Encinitas School District Session Four | K-6

Session Four - A Voyage Through The Seven Continents
Dates: The weeks of April 23, 2018 - June 4, 2018 | Time: 2:25-3:40 p.m.
Session length: 7 weeks | Ages: 5-12

As students travel to far off lands, they will be inspired by the people, traditions, habitats and animals that live throughout the world. They will take a closer look at the tundra regions of Antarctica, the Australian Outback and the vibrant cities of South America. Each week, students will examine maps, look at images from each continent, listen to music from specific areas and, of course, create art pieces inspired by different regions of the world. Using a wide array of mediums, students will fashion colorful aboriginal boomerangs, watercolor delicate Japanese scrolls and create whimsical mixed media penguins. This session is an amazing opportunity for the students to learn about all the incredible cultures throughout the world.

This class will be held at Flora Vista (Tuesdays - 2:25-3:40)

PRICE: $125 for 7 weeks

Session Four -The Great Outdoors
Dates: The weeks of April 23, 2018 - June 4, 2018 | Time: 2:25-3:40 p.m.
Session length: 6-7 weeks | Ages: 5-12

Join us for a journey to the great outdoors: majestic mountains, crystal clear lakes, captivating forests, and of course, all the exciting critters that reside there. Students will be inspired by all the natural wonders as they use an array of mediums to bring the great outdoors alive in their art. Projects will include a chalk pastel raccoon, a mixed media red cardinal, designing and constructing a bark canoe and tent themed art. If your child is just clambering to explore their natural surroundings, this session is the perfect match to create art inspired by everything they love.

This class will be held at Olivenhain Pioneer (Mondays - 2:25-3:40), La Costa Heights (Mondays - 2:25-3:40), El Camino Creek (Tuesdays - 2:25-3:40), Capri (Wednesdays - 2:25-3:40), Paul Ecke (Wednesdays - 2:25-3:40), Mission Estancia (Thursdays - 2:25-3:40),
Park Dale (Thursdays - 2:25-3:40), Ocean Knoll (Thursdays - 2:25-3:40)

PRICE: $105 for 6 weeks | $125 for 7 weeks